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Posted by David on 12 th in DSR, Investment Property, United States property news on 12th of November 2010

Recession fears or not theU.S. property market hasn’t been all that badly affected. Perhaps some of the serious investors have been taking their money elsewhere recently, but what we can’t forget is that the United States, is and probably always will be one of the most visited tourist destinations on the planet.

Millions of people are currently buying holiday homes, and, whether they plan to rent it out when not in use or not, most of them are buying their holiday homes where they most like to holiday. For many people that is the U.S. This popularity with tourists means the potential for high yields is there if they are to be rented when not in use.
The Big Apple, with its world class shopping and must see skyline, New York is on many people’s do or see-before-I-die-lists.
Hollywood is undoubtedly the best known location in the world, where blockbuster films hail from and their stars live. Hollywood is of course in Los Angeles, which is a tourist attraction in its own right, and a Mecca for high-class shopaholics and fashionistas from around the world. California City, on the other hand is famous for its beaches, but a less known attraction is its breathtaking Mountain Ranges.
With the exception of New York, the three tourist attracting locations above are all in California, the Orange County. You can read more about California by clicking here And there are many other famous and tourist attracting locations in the U.S., there are good ski resorts in all but ten of the states, and Florida is up there with the best sun-sea-and sand resorts in the world, not least because it contains Disneyland. With so many tourist attractions within its borders it will take a lot to knock the U.S. property market of its pedestal.

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