Lularoe is famous for creating the best comfortable clothes for women. One of their highlights is their Leggings. Their leggings have a variety of designs that may suit up your preferences. They are all out in different markets like Amazon. Amazon is one of the widely engage online store that sells almost everything a person needs; from smartphones, laptops, headphones, to kitchen wares, beds, chairs, etc.

If you look up on the Amazon website and search for Lularoe leggings, you will come up with 70 different designs of colorful leggings. These are as follows:

  • Flower Tiger Design- this legging is designed with heads of a tiger of different colors. The backgrounds of the tigers are small flowers and leaves which make it elegant to look at. The dominant color of this legging is Maroon. Its price is 33$ USD. If you plan to purchase one, you’ll need an additional 3.49$ USD for the shipping fee.
  • Flower Zigzag Design- this legging is designed with 3 simultaneous zigzag lines and then followed by a flower. Next to this is an oppositely printed 3 zigzag lines. The pattern goes like that for the entire leggings. The dominant colors are red and black. It cost 29$ USD plus a 3.49$ shipping fee. A total of 33.49$.
  • Flower Power Design- this legging is printed with circle patterns distanced evenly apart from each other. Inside the circles are colorful flowers of different kinds. The background color is violet. Currently, there is only one stock left for 33.49$, including the shipping fee.
  • Distorted Grey Design- this legging is a unique design. Lularoe leggings are colorful to look at while this design is a mixture of gray, dark gray, and black. It’s printed with distorted lines, shapes, etc. The price is the same with the others of 29$ USD and 3.49$ USD shipping fee.
  • Bird Designs- instead of flowers, this design has leaves or ferns in it. Its entire color is yellow and blue and pink small birds are printed in it. Blue and pink are the sweetest combinations in the candy industry. These leggings appear to be sweet as well. It cost 29$ and a shipping fee of 3.49$.
  • Flower and Black- flowers embedded in a black cloth highlights the true colors of the flower. This Lularoe legging is a black legging printed with orchids. It appears to be a stem of vines and flowers glowing in the darkness. It cost 29$ and an additional 3.49$ for shipping.
  • Colors of a Paint design- If you notice and distinguish a printed photo from a painted one, the colors are dull and light to look at. This legging is designed to appear as light colored, thus printed as if it was painted. Its dominant color is violet and costs 33.49$ in total.

In summary, Lularoe leggings in Amazon are designed mainly for the eyes of women. To make it look comfortable and soothing to the eyes, Lularoe designed them with flowers of varying colors. It is an important technique that anyone should know, color impacting.


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