Leggings are the go-to bottoms for a workout and casual walks. For the fabulous athletes, leggings can make them look hot. Leggings are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing, they are not a substitute for short or long pants. If you want to flaunt your butt, or have it covered up, wear your leggings however you want it, whatever style is right for you!   Leggings have become a part of the athleisure fashion, a fashion trend of wearing sportswear outside sports activities and in casual wears.  Bring on the cold weather, or work the lularoe leggings out during workouts and sports activities! As the weather is going insanely cold, do not forget to throw your fashion sense while focusing how to get comfy and warmth! Wear your fleece lined leggings first, wear them alone or under your clothes to keep warmth. Layering is the key to deal with the upsurged wind, chilly snow, and below 0 freezing temperatures.

If you want to have a street style outfit, pull off your lularoe leggings with a graphic tee and a pair of sneakers.  A classic outfit might be a combination of a blouse and blazer vest, and a pair of boots or heels if you are comfortable with them. You can also have your leggings be paired with a mini skirt to look cute even on winter days! If you have slightly cropped leggings, you can combine it with a loose shirt, sweater, and sneakers to feel comfortable during your busy days.  To get cozy and warm, pair your fleece lined leggings with a plain and cozy outfit of a waffle knit long sleeve and a warm scarf.

Avoid rough surfaces to prevent the legging from tearing, treat the garment with care during wearing and washing.

First, fill up the tub with a cold water and a cold water detergent. Turn the fleece lined leggings inside out and work the fabric together until the cold water detergent gets foamy. Rinse the fleece lined leggings at least twice with a cold water. Gently wring the leggings until it is slightly damp, let it dry with room air or sun exposure. There is another preferred method for washing their fleece lined leggings, most especially if the users are strictly managing their time. When the time is lacking to hand wash the fleece lined leggings, turn the leggings inside out and wash them cold. Pick a gentle or hand wash setting on your washing machine. Let it dry with room air or sun exposure, and if you lack time to do this set your dryer machine on low heat.

Do not use dryer machines, this can make your garment materials warp and weaken the materials that can lead to tearing and holes, and may alter the shape, flexibility, and fitness. Avoid using softeners for they create a coating on the fabric that can weaken the breathability and moisture wick function of the leggings. If you have accidentally washed it with a softener, wash the leggings again.


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