Fiji Property: The Next Big Thing

Posted by David on 4 th in DSR, Fiji property news, Investment Property on 4th of November 2010

Fiji has to be listed among the top property investment destinations in the world. It has just sprung onto the international stage with a bang.

Liam Bailey, head of international research for DSR explained why Fiji has experienced such an explosion of popularity:

“Fiji is becoming massively popular because it has everything going for it. In a nutshell: it has a similar climate to Australia and New Zealand, as well as sharing all their fantastic recreational activities, and beauty, but for a fraction of the cost. Australia has long been one of the most popular tourism and emigration destinations, especially with Brits. As property prices there began to reach outside most people’s price ranges, New Zealand became hot news, and now as a similar thing happens in New Zealand, Fiji is becoming the next big thing.

“Fiji is certain to become one of the hottest property investment destinations in 2008 and 2009. With prices at such a low starting point, and tourism growth reaching phenomenal proportions, the rapid economic growth, and rising affluence within the communities will generate at least a 20% annual growth in property value for the next two year — possibly even as much as 50%, as we have seen in similar locations. Rental yields will grow from the current 6%-8% to around the 10% mark by 2010.”

DSR is currently offering their clients a chance to get in early with an entry level property in Fiji. They are currently offering a moderately sized Fiji land plot from just £16,000, in the new Sea-View Estates, a residential development being built around the Dere Bay resort on Koro island, Fiji’s sixth largest island. A small off-plan studio, consisting of 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a kitchenette is only £25,000, also through DSR.

Sea-View estates, as the name suggests is in coastal area on the north western tip of Koro Island. From the nearby beach you can swim in the warm turquoise waters or scuba dive the coral reefs just a few meters out. The development also features a swimming pool.

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