One of the cutest prints in leggings is a cat print which is why it is called cat leggings. This type of leggings is printed with a variety of famous cats and cat designs. According to studies, dogs can be compared to men; fierce, guardian, strong, and active. What can we compare women then? Cats. Women are graceful like cats. They tend to be relaxed all the time and always spend a lot of their precious time sitting somewhere and relaxing. Though, this may not really be suited to all women since there are various women who are strong and active.

There is a diverse type of cats. Each of these cats has different colors and breeds, making it a reason why people would like to hug and own one.  Here are the different types of Cats:

  • British Shorthair
  • Siamese Cat
  • Persian Cat
  • Maine Coon
  • Ragdoll
  • American Shorthair
  • Abyssinian Cat
  • Burmese
  • And more

Furthermore, leopards, pumas, tigers and the wild cats also belong to the family of cats. Now, imagine if these cats are printed on your legging, how cute could it be? Around the globe, America is one of the providers and full-time lovers of cat leggings. They export 3 million cat leggings each year and 75 percent of the population of women own one cat legging according to a survey made by the fashion industry. You may wonder what the designs of cat leggings are. Here they are:

Leopard Print

The widely used leggings print is the leopard print. Leopards are known to have an alternating color of yellow/gold and black. The yellow and black combination is famous due to the Starry Night painting of Vincent van Gogh. Furthermore, the colors black and yellow are eminent in the sky every night; a mixture of darkness and light from the moon and stars. Leopard prints are loved by women that even in phone cases, bags, shirts, and shoes, this design are observable.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is the 90’s most famous cat. She is colored pink and white famous among women in the past generation. Hello Kitty appeared in television for almost 10 years. Hello Kitty leggings are loved most especially by Hello Kitty fans.

Puss n Boots

Have you seen the Shrek Movie? In the three movies of Shrek, there’s this cute and fierce cat they call Puss n Boots. He is a pussy wearing boots, a cap, and a sword. His role in the movie is to look cute and he didn’t fail to do so. With these, legging prints of Puss n Boots have been out in society and became instantly famous.


The best monotonous design for cat leggings is the Puma design. Pumas are black in nature and tend to appear majestic and mysterious at the same time. The original color of leggings is black. The Puma design is the closest to the original. The catch in this design is that the black leggings have fierce eyes printed in it, eyes of a puma.


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