What to search: high firmness, temperature control, stay-put waistband

Search for leggings that feel as good as another skin, high, steady firmness, and breathable cloth that reacts to different temperatures to make you warm or cool as required.


What to search: Cool, stretchable, stay-dry cloth, medium to high firmness

Any dance class that includes a considerable measure of hopping and skipping needs a solid dosage of firmness for muscle help. Be that as it may, it depends upon your adaptability and the kind of development you’re doing.


What to search: stretchable, light firmness, level and wide waistband

The waistband ought to be wide and level, so it stays put all through your class and doesn’t go lower amid different postures.


What to search: wide waistband, high waist, light to medium firmness

The lower you squat, the more you wobble. Go low with some leggings that present sufficient stretch and a firmness point that enables you to progress.


What to search: stay-put waistband, medium firmness, non-elusive cloth, no zippers and alike

During the whole class, you’re going squeezed against a pad, mat, or other materials, you require leggings that won’t fall and won’t rip. Try medium firmness and stretchable leggings, and no additional items like zippers.


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